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Find your peace

The abundance of attractions that your family participates in every day at Blue Marine also requires an occasional moment of rest and relaxation. That is why our animation program for children includes watching or reading fairy tales in the evenings. During this time, adults can take advantage of other forms of chill-out at Blue Marine Mielno or visit places where they can take a walk or get carried away...


Family board game tournaments

In the era of ubiquitous electronics, is there still anybody interested in board games? Yes, there is! At Blue Marine Mielno, we regularly organize evenings with board games - those that require longer gameplay and solid concentration. Our “game depot” contains over 30 different “board games” that you can borrow from the animator on tournament evenings and play with your family or between families in our banquet hall. Maybe this will be an opportunity for your family to discover a common passion for “board games”, or maybe it will be the beginning of “traditional games” between befriended families?




Sunsets and parties on the terrace of Blue Marine Mielno

The most beautiful sunsets are at the seaside. You can walk on the beach or ... admire the sunset from our terrace while sipping drinks at the table with friends. And when the sun goes down, our terrace is taken over by the music - sometimes it is a quiet swing and blues played by our maestro Robert, while other times it is dance and disco to the rhythm of “sets” of DJs from the Radio Kołobrzeg band!





Hotel Bingo

Who doesn’t like a little gambling… especially when you don’t have to invest anything? As our Guest, you have the chance to play our hotel BINGO! Every few or several days we organize a fun lottery. Those who will see fortune smile upon them or will make the most correct bet are awaited by a surprise on the next day! What’s the surprise...? Play to see for yourself! 😊




Library and party games corner

Our Lobby contains a handy library with over 200 different book titles for adults and children, and a rental of popular games (checkers, cards, pieces, etc.) While enjoying a cup of coffee and one of our desserts, you can play cards with your family or friends, or immerse yourself in reading alone.




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Attractions apart from the immediate surroundings of Blue Marine Mielno

“Julek” cruise

Only 100m from Blue Marine Mielno there is the marina of the "Julek" ship, which during the summer season runs daily on the Koszalin-Unieście route (this is the name of the marina near Blue Marine Mielno) - Route 1U. Julek is a catamaran (it has 2 hulls), it has a hybrid drive, so it is quiet and ecological. It can take 100 passengers and 7 bicycles on board at a time, and there is space for 2 wheelchairs. This year Julek replaced the well-worn "Koszałek".

The current timetable and ticket prices can be foundHERE





Friendship Promenade in Mielno

The Friendship Promenade in Mielno, because that is its full name, was established in 1908. Originally, it had a protective function against coastal dunes - it strengthened and protected the shore against the destructive effects of sea waves. With time, tourists relaxing in the resort took a liking to this place for walks, and so it remained. In the eighties of the last century, a storm of exceptional strength tore the dunes, and with them it destroyed the walking route. In 2018, as part of the last stage of the reconstruction, the two existing sections, which had been taken by the element, were connected into one whole. The descents to the beach at Orła Białego, Chmielna and Mickiewicza Streets, existing and revitalized in earlier years, were connected by footbridges on steel piles just in front of the dune. The footbridges are approx. 300 meters long and have allowed to extend the promenade to almost 2 kilometers, becoming an important element integrating the entire city of Mielno. Currently, you can walk along it all the way from the center to Unieście.

Access:4 km from Blue Marine Mielno
Opening hours: round the clock
• entrance from Unieście - at Słoneczna Street;
• entrance from the Mielno side - entrance at the Walrus monument

Free entrance for everyone.




Koszalin Narrow Gauge Railway

The Koszalin Narrow Gauge Railway is a historic railway that runs on a fragment of the Koszalin - Rosnowo line. While on the ride, you can enjoy plenty of interesting objects and relax with your family. The route includes ecological education stops, a reservoir, a reserve, a shooting range and other attractions. There is a possibility of organizing a bonfire and a guided ride that will provide an interesting introduction to the stories of the railway and the passing objects.

Access: 18 km from Blue Marine Mielno
Timetable available HERE
Address: narrow-gauge railway station Kolejowa Street, Koszalin
Phone no.:  601-154-937




HORTULUS Gardens in Dobrzyca

Hortulus Spectabilis Gardens, which have been open to visitors since June 2014, are an original project of a complex of gardens in various styles, implemented since 2003, and intended to serve as an original, unique place of rest and recreation in Poland.

Its central point is the world’s largest hornbeam labyrinth, which was created from 18,000 seedlings of this tree. The labyrinth covers an area of 1 ha, has walls with a height of 2 meters, and the total length of the corridors is over 3.2 km. Walks through the labyrinth along one of the three sightseeing routes guarantee plenty of fun. At its heart there is a 20-meter-high observation tower, the original structure of which is based on a double DNA strand.

Access: 25 km from Blue Marine Mielno
Opening hours:Hortulus Theme Gardens are open from Monday to Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and on Sunday and holidays from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Hortulus Spectabilis Gardens are open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Hortulus Gardens are closed from November to April
Address:  76 Dobrzyca Street, Mielno
Phone no.: 602 610 041






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