Blue Marine

Tutaj spędzisz swoje najpiękniejsze wakacje nad morzem.


In our SPA & Wellness facility, you will restore your natural body balance!


We advise visiting our SPA & Wellness facility to anyone willing to combine a familyholiday at the seaside with enjoyable relaxation, regeneration and beauty treatments. Even a short stay at Blue Marine may be a starting point for numerous beneficial changes for your health and beauty.

Need to relax? We offer classic and relaxing massages with a Chinese cup, hot stones, a candle and exotic oils, which will additionally contribute to a healthy look and harmonise your inner organs and the skeleton.

Need more exquisite treatments? Enjoy professional SPA rituals and dedicated face and body treatments. For the most demanding guests of our seaside apartments, we have developed a special offer covering a spine and joint manipulative therapy.


SPA Rituals:

Queen Cleopatra?s Ritual ? relief and

Treatment for dry and sensitive skin prone to irritation, with a special set of cosmeticproducts based on goat milk and lychee fruit, having a soothing, nourishing and anti-aging effect and ensuring long-lasting comfort.

Caffee Espresso Ritual – energy and slimming

Treatment involving the smell of freshly ground coffee beans, which visibly reduces fattissue, eliminates toxins and alleviates cellulite.


Face Treatments:

S.O.S – Soothing and softening treatment for sensitive and delicate skin with problems. It effectively soothes irritations, strengthens capillaries and improves skin tone.

Skutecznie łagodzi podrażnienia, wzmacnia naczynka i poprawia koloryt naskórka.

Ultra Moisture – Moisturising treatment for all skin types, especially for dry and dehydrated skin..

Cleanse – Cleansing and normalising treatment for combination, oily and skins.


Body Treatments:

Raspberry Paradise – Slimming and detoxifying treatment. Raspberry body peel with guarana bio-caffeine; whole body massage with an aromatic balm.

Chocolate Delight – Clearing and anti-cellulite treatment. Sugar-based peel with a whole body massage with a chocolate balm.

Watermelon Temptation – Moisturising and firming treatment. Watermelon-based and a whole body massage with an aromatic balm.


Spine Therapy

Are you in need of quick and effective help to alleviate your spine and joint pain? We invite you to the Spinal Manipulative Treatment Centre headed by Michał Leski, which is located in our resort. A specialist manipulative therapy may bring quite surprising effects. s

Seaside holidays in a resort like ours may be an excellent choice for those suffering from spine and joint conditions. In the Blue Marine apartment resort at the seaside, there is the Spinal Manipulative Treatment Centre where you may consult specialists offering the spine and joint manipulative therapy.

What health conditions are treated?

The Spinal Manipulative Treatment Centre provides treatment for patients with, among others, the following health conditions: discopathy, scoliosis, sciatica and brachialgy, pains in: lower back, cervical and thoracic segments of the spine, in hips, knees, shoulders, elbows, wrists, headaches and noise in the ears of cervical origin, vertigo of cervical origin, slipped disc, numbing and tingling of feet, numbing and tingling of fingers.

The application of manipulative therapy procedures, in other words chiropractic, makes it possible to alleviate, as quickly as during several sessions, or even totally remove pain and limitations in the mobility of joints or the spine. Our specialists may help in severe health conditions such as a slipped disc or herniated nucleus pulposus even if occurring at several spine levels.

A treatment session covers a medical interview, interpretation of test results (X-ray, CT, MRI scans etc.), a manipulative examination and procedure.

Manipulative therapy is a physiotherapeutic technique involving a specific type of a safe massage ? some of the elements may be applied by the patient himself/herself. Applying adequate pressure and different massage techniques, a therapist reaches areas in need of treatment. The main goal of the said therapy is to reduce or totally remove pain and restore the regular mobility of joints or specific parts of the spine.

If you have any questions, happy to provide answers